What is a Design Resource Company?

When you have a company, people always want you to have a mission statement. They want to put all your ambitions and ideas into a bite-size box you can prattle off over dinner parties. 

This is smart. This is standard procedure. This is totally reasonable. But, this is also impossible. 

While I adore simplicity, I’ve always found that boiling down what we do at Mayker into a pretty little package is challenging because a big part of what we strive to be is multi-dimensional. 

We’re not just a rental company. We’re not just a design company. We’re not just a fabrication company. We have products and services. We work with people and brands.

I know, I know. That sounds like a mouthful.

But to us—this scope and scale, this vastness—it’s our ace in the hole. It’s our superpower.


Because people are varied and layered. The projects they tackle are complex. And a one-size-fits-all solution is the surest route to shallow work. 

People who are working on creative projects need creative resources to solve them. They need a smorgasbord of tools to choose from to make their ideas light up and take flight. Sometimes people need a lot of help. Sometimes people just need one object. It’s no matter. We delight in creating the menu—building out a spread of products and services to build beautiful spaces. 

Which is why, after many mornings, many cups of coffee, and many discussions, we’ve finally narrowed it down. While our offerings are vast, our focus is not. At Mayker, we’re a design resource company. Resource being the operative word—we’re here to help. We’re an extension of you and your team—providing the guidance, products, and services you need to create remarkable environments. Permanent or temporary. Small or big. Wild or classic. We don’t discriminate here. If you’re creating a space, we want to help you tell that story in the best way possible.

Want to learn more about our capabilities? Shoot us a message here or put a time on our calendar. We’re excited to hear about what you’re working on and how we can play a part in that journey.

About Mayker

Founded in 2013, Mayker merges design and hospitality to create life’s most memorable experiences. We work with brands and individuals throughout the Southeast, providing the tools and services that polish off any event.

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