Tastemayker Gen Sohr

Intro paragraph about Gen Sohr and why we chose to have her as a Tastemayker



Tell a little bit about your personal style

I always say “color makes us happy” and it’s so true. This idea of living with pattern and color, for me is just incredibly joyful. I want to live in a place that makes me happy everyday.

So, obviously, as you go through my home, there is pattern everywhere, I love wallpapers. And I really really am inspired by art and that’s something, we talk about all the time about how you make your home very personal, and for us it’s about collecting things.


I grew up in Miami, in south Florida, where it was sunshine non-stop, and the idea of sunshine makes me really happy, and because I live someplace where you don’t have sunshine 24/7, I think one of our signatures is painting everything a really clean warm white, and I think to me, that mimics the idea of sunshine. I love living in a space that is painted white and feels light and bright and sort of refreshing. And then I love lots of personality and colored layered on that.


Let’s talk about entertaining — How do you set the

space for hosting?

Fortunately I have a husband who’s an amazing cook.

So I would say, our hosting style, Benjamin and I, when we entertain, we each have very specific roles. Benjamin’s is absolutely the functional side, and he is a really really beautiful chef.

As I’ve said before, he is super relaxed and I am super type A, so he keeps me much much calmer than I would be on my own for any sort of social event or hosting event that we do. I think again, that yin and that yang, he is my balance and how we do all of that together. I love setting a beautiful table, I love to have people over, I love that experience of making memories in your home. I love, you know, the beautiful lemons, and a great patterned plate and the flowers and all the pretty. And Benjamin is all ‘we have great food to eat, there’s music’ and really kind of balances out and finishes that whole experience.


Your guest arrives - what’s the first thing you do, the first thing you serve them?

So usually a drink of some sort, we love a prosecco or a bottle of champagne something bubbly that just feels kind of fun and refreshing. We would usually start with something like that. Again, I always defer to Benjamin depending on what the meal is, he’s usually thought of something brilliant in terms of what can the cocktail be. And then my job is to make it pretty - what’s the pretty little linen, what’s the glass we’re serving it in?


How can other people make people feel welcome in

their homes?

Generally having fun. I mean, we really love to hold more kind of intimate social gatherings, so its usually a smaller number of people so you really feel like you can connect. We actually use this [sunroom] space quite often, and I love the idea of people coming in and sitting and having a cocktail and just feeling relaxed. I think it’s very much about how you set the tone for what the evening is going to be.


Tell us about pencil and paper co.

As the owner of a small business, and something that’s always always evolving, always looking for what’s successful, what do we want to do in the future, what are the opportunities. It’s always a learning [experience].

I think I’m always ready to kind of react to what are people loving, what’s exciting, and for us, I will say there’s been such an enthusiasm around products. Products that were developing.

I talked about that art brings me joy, so to the idea of being able to create that and share that joy with other people is super exciting. We have several different art collections that are available through one kings lane and through our website as well.

I think one of the things that we very authentically realized was something we’re passionate about, and that people were excited to see from us, is content. That’s interiors, but it’s also throwing a beautiful dinner party, or travel, or what you wear everyday. It’s that kind of holistic view of our aesthetic that people have really reacted to.