Sponsor/Partner Request Form

Are you interested in having Mayker as a sponsor or partner for your project/event? We're flattered you'd consider us. We love to partner with like brands when our goals and schedules align. Please take the time to fill out the below form in as much detail as possible. We'll review all submitted opportunities and be in touch within a week's time. 

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Contact Name
How would you like Mayker to assist? The more specifics you can provide, the better. Think types of pieces, quantity, etc.
If this is an event: Who will be attending? If this is a shoot: What publication are you targeting? Why is this an ideal audience for Mayker?
Think: marketing collateral, social media exposure, hospitality, ticketing packages, etc. Please be detailed; we are most prone to align with opportunities that are a great brand fit and that will do an excellent job of reaching our target audience.