Danielle Reeves

Brand Manager

As Mayker's Brand Manager, Danielle runs point on all things marketing. She's at the heart of understanding, communicating, and nuturing the Mayker brand. On weekends you'll find her outdoors with her husband and dog, inside curating their first home, or on the couch spending quality time with their TV.

Q&A with Danielle

  • Wide-leg denim, a fitted tank, platform Birkenstocks, and the same three pieces of jewelry gifted to me by my husband.

  • Architectural Digest, Dwell, and an endless Instagram feed, to name a few. I'm inspired by Workstead's eye for design, love anything worn by Emilie Lindmark (@emitaz), and am probably the last millennial still on Tumblr.

  • Modern meets traditional with soft light, warm neutrals, and a touch of the unexpected. Not quite a minimalist — an intentionalist, maybe?

  • A cozy, 1920s cottage on Lake Tahoe with plenty of room for family and friends, and easy access to paddling, hiking, and climbing.

  • Working in my sunroom or out back playing nonstop fetch with my German Shorthaired Pointer.

  • Lime-wash and plaster.

  • Material? Wood
    Color Palette? Beige, Brown, and Green
    Fragrance? Citrus & Cedar
    Sound? Waves crashing
    Meal? Chicken Tikka Masala or Sushi

  • A fancy shower with a bench inside. Nothing says relaxation quite like sitting while you shower.

  • Find what inspires you and then distance yourself from it a bit. In other words, avoid comparing your space to others. Give yourself that freedom, then look to where your space is leading and follow.

  • You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

    - Psalm 16:11