Design Assistant


Mayker is looking for a Design Assistant to provide design, styling, and admin assistance for our team’s Design Manager. We're in the market for someone with a killer eye and natural design instinct with project management skills to match. The ideal fit is a highly organized individual with a positive work ethic, bright design mind, and crazy good operational skills.


  • Work with Design Manager to create proposals for clients from beginning to end, including concept, budget, design, and installation

  • Provide styling assistance at home stages for Mayker Interiors, assisting with furniture placement and styling of details and shelves

  • Assist with on-site styling at events and shoots, ensuring the utmost in design quality and attention to detail

  • Work closely with media department projects, assisting in the concept and execution of campaigns

  • Provide general administrative support, ensuring our creativity is always well organized



  • Strong visual eye that fits naturally with the Mayker aesthetic

  • Comfortable navigating between left-brained and right-brained tasks (design <--> organization)

  • Hard-working, flexible, and always works to exceed expectations

  • A superb instinct for style, visual composition and attention to detail

  • Extremely comfortable on-set and under deadline

  • A self-starter who is good at taking direction and running with it  

  • Not above doing the little things

  • Willing to work in multiple environments — shifting between the warehouse, the office, and on-site at events/homes

  • Extremely well organized and good at managing time

  • Impeccable and engaging communicator

  • Consistent deadline-meeter