Design & Sales Associate


Mayker is looking for an exceptionally talented, dependable, resourceful, and self-motivated Design & Sales Associate to join our Nashville team. A hybrid job with a touch of client service, design, and admin chops, you’ll be integral at a foundational level in growing Mayker and establishing a happy and loyal clientele.

About the Job

  • Serve as a foundational member of the Nashville team, performing essential design and sales tasks, including but not limited to the following: 

    + Cultivating and maintaining client accounts 

    + Creating and sending prompt proposals 

    + Leading client meetings 

    + Executing rental contracts 

    + Securing deposit and balance payments in a timely manner 

    + Creating event “pull tickets” and ensuring warehouse personnel are equipped with all information needed for accurate and smooth delivery (delivery/pick-up times, venue information, event contact and phone, layout)

  • Under the leadership of the Department Manager, creatively, strategically, and aggressively approach B2B business development — cultivating intentional and fruitful partnerships with planners, venues, and corporate clientele in the Nashville market. Establish clear goals and plan for strategic growth. 

  • Take a personalized approach to client relationships. Ensure individuals and brands feel valued and known through excellent service and thoughtful engagement.

  • Always be focused on betterment. Consider creative, industry-changing ways Mayker can optimize each client’s experience.

About You

  • Start-up hustle. You have a proactive nature that is target-driven and motivated. You will always do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Composed of equal parts right brain left brain. We serve clients creatively and efficiently, equally prioritizing the level of design service someone receives alongside how thoughtfully it was presented to them.

  • Excellent time management. This is a job of endless moving parts; to succeed, you will have to create order in an often chaotic industry and prioritize your time to a T. Strong organizational skills are a must.

  • Highly motivated, organized, and able to work effectively with minimal supervision.

  • Ability to prioritize and react with appropriate levels of urgency to multiple situations, requests and events that require quick response or turnaround.

  • Fine-tuned communication and presentation skills (telephone, written and face-to-face).

  • Ability to handle administrative details independently, while keeping team members adequately informed.

  • Extremely well organized and good at managing your time.

  • Strong visual eye that fits naturally with the Mayker aesthetic.

  • A demonstrated ability to respond effectively to changing workloads and priorities.

  • Ability to listen to constructive feedback and adjust as appropriate.

  • The right cultural fit—you’re determined, outgoing, positive, articulate and diplomatic.

  • Hard-working, flexible, and always works to exceed expectations

  • Are seeking a long-term investment. We understand the appeal of trying every flavor, but we’re focused on hiring people who are commitment-focused and who are ready to make this company something really special.

  • Want the opportunity to graduate. We have an open door policy to make this job what you want it to be — if you have ideas of how to contribute and improve our brand, bring it to the table. Here you have the freedom to do your best work and the responsibility to achieve excellence.