from the founder

Where to Source Event Inspiration

This is what we all want: to create a memorable experience. Something new under the sun. But that’s a big lift these days when duplication is the default. If you’re looking for some original ideas for your event design, close your laptop and get into the thick of it. Here are 5 great offline starting points to start your inspiration journey. 

1. Travel

I am constantly under the influence of place. Over the years, travel has been the most consistent beacon for directing my design instincts. And it isn’t just about how a place looks. It’s just as much about the pace and how people move within it. 

On a recent trip to Italy, we were hard-pressed to leave a restaurant in under two hours—though we never felt bored or anxious. The people and pace of service had a lingering quality that I try to recreate when I host. If I can make my guests feel that comfortable and that welcomed, I’ve succeeded.

2. Nature

The original and most timeless of all inspiration sources: nature. If you’re feeling stuck, send yourself out into the wilderness for a good, hearty meander. Look at the details closely. The silhouette of a plant. The tone of the leaves. The pattern of the water. When I’m on the hunt for a great color palette, this is often my first stop over. What occurs naturally is a strong starting point.

3. Architecture

As much as I love traipsing in the forest, I am nearly just as inspired looking at the landscape of thoughtfully designed buildings. Stained glass windows. Iron gates. Creamy white stucco. Chalky terracotta. Take the patterns, materials, hues, and incorporate them in a new environment. 

4. Fashion

The precision of custom tailoring to the glam of haute couture. Fashion is the north star you can reproduce at scale. Whenever I want to be a bit daring, I find myself mulling over designer collections, soaking in everything from patterns to pleats.

5. Antiques

Want to create a fresh space with character? Dive into history. Go to your local antique store or visit an estate sale. You’ll find hidden gems everywhere from patterned china to old poster typography. There’s nothing quite like putting an old idea into a new context for a novel take.