Welcome to Mayker Reserve


Everything starts with community.

Today we're excited to open the doors to Mayker Reserve: a trade, loyalty program with membership exclusive to event planners.

This has been something we've been cooking up for a while. Chatting about between meetings, brainstorming about by the proverbial water cooler. Why? Because while we might seem like a product-based company, we believe everything starts with people. And not just people generally speaking—but true relationships.

Nothing makes me happier than working with individuals again and again. Consistency breeds connection. By collaborating with people often, we get to know them better. We start to learn what they love. What makes their heart beat a little faster? What types of design are they drawn to? What makes their jobs easier? 

Every planner has their own approach. While there are some overlapping similarities, you each have your own process, your own priorities and, let’s be honest, your own pet peeves. We want to learn your language and customize how we work in a way that honors your particular preferences. We realize that type of approach can take time and effort, but we’re here for it. Excellence is in the details.

Our Reserve program is a loyalty program at heart—created to honor the connection and time we build with planners. That’s why program benefits scale up the more you partner with us. Someone who works with us on 10 projects rather than 2 is going to get special treatment. That might sound like we’re playing favorites, and that’s OK. We believe it’s important to love on the people who support us and trust us most. 

Want to learn more about The Reserve? We hope so. You can apply here or schedule a call to learn more. And bonus: all new members receive a $500 rental credit on their first order as a welcome gift. Here’s to starting off this relationship on the right foot.

Image from a Haley Kelly event, photographed by Christi Clarke.